Dear Student,

The angelic world is real, and it is available for you to explore! Throughout the Scriptures we read about many people who encountered and received personal blessings through the ministry of angels. Since that time until now, angels have never stopped working for God's people, and they are ready to work for you now!

There are countless numbers of angels available to assist you, walk with you and help you in your day-to-day endeavors. In this study, I want to introduce you to this fascinating and biblical world of angels! In this introductory study we will cover the following topics in four lessons:

  • Spiritual Guardians
  • The Nature of Angels
  • The Three A's of Angelic Ministry
  • The SIT Principle

Are you ready to learn from the Bible, increase in the Spirit and receive personal impartation? If so, let's begin!

Joshua Mills, Instructor

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